Are electric cars more eco-friendly

Like Greta Thunberg, many of us believe that electric cars are the future of our world. Considered as more eco-friendly, the electric car is gaining more and more popularity and is more and more put forward. But more and more studies point out the environmental problems of the electric car.

The factory.

One of the biggest problems of the electric car that is becoming more and more apparent is the manufacturing process. The manufacturing of an electric car is much more polluting than the production of a gasoline car. This pollution is largely due to the manufacturing of the battery of our electric vehicles. Cobalt, manganese, and lithium are part of the many components that go into the manufacturing of the electric vehicle battery. The problem with these elements is that they are extracted in countries that have no respect for the workers and are extremely polluting for the environment.

The recharge.

The very principle of the electric car is to be able to recharge it using electricity. Unfortunately, the production of electricity in many countries is still a problem. Electricity alone is responsible for 42.5% of CO2 emissions, while electricity produced from coal or oil causes 73% of these emissions. Using this Energy to recharge the batteries of our electric vehicles does not help at all to make the environment healthier.

The future of humanity?

Certainly the opinions on the electric car are still very controversial. There are still many points to be improved, but most of the issues are related to the production of the electric car. In some countries like Quebec where electricity have been produced by hydroelectricity, the electric car is much more ecological. The electric car solution is not yet perfect, but we can't get rid of it so easily because if we improve it, it can really change our society.

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