Today’s most expensive cars

What would you do if you became extremely wealthy one day? You would probably start buying a new house and put your children in the best schools so that they could get the best education available. Also, you would probably buy the car of your dreams or the most expensive car on the market. Let […]

The most popular car brand

The car is an integral part of our lives today, we need it for our daily commute as well as for travel and business purposes. The car market is in constant evolution and the car companies propose new models year after year. However, the public has some preferences. Toyota The Japanese company Toyota Motor Corporation […]

The most ecological cars.

We live in an era where more and more people are becoming aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. Human beings constantly have to move over long or shorter distances, and they often use their cars to do so. In order to limit its impact on the environment, some people prefer to […]

The car in history.

The car as we know it nowadays did not come into existence magically overnight but rather through the constant and hard work of many people who have gradually allowed the world of the automobile to evolve. From the first model until today the car has evolved enormously. Let's go back to some models from the […]

Are electric cars more eco-friendly

Like Greta Thunberg, many of us believe that electric cars are the future of our world. Considered as more eco-friendly, the electric car is gaining more and more popularity and is more and more put forward. But more and more studies point out the environmental problems of the electric car. The factory. One of the […]